Friday 12 July 2013

Yarnbombing in Rowntree Park - Saturday 13 July - Sneak Preview

The Caged Bird Sings! (do you know why?)
All this week I've been posting a daily pic on Facebook of some of the yarnbombs that are going to appear tomorrow at the Yarnbombing Event in York.  This event is part of the Rowntree Park Party which takes place from 2-5pm in (you've guessed it) Rowntree Park.  

Vase of Flowers
In case you're not a Facebook addict I've included all the pics here for you to have a look at.   These smaller items are just some of the yarnbombs that have been donated in advance of the event, and being small you might miss them if you're not looking carefully.  So here they are - in the limelight!  There are of course some larger pieces which I'm keeping under wraps until the big day but you'll have no trouble spotting them (and there'll be an after party blogpost too for those who can't make it!). 

Fairy Toadstools
Birds & Daisies

Knitted Hairclips

Big Knitting
Little Duck

See if you can spot them all.  There'll be lots to look at (and some things to buy on the day - supporting Oxfam,  in case you didn't know that bit).  And you can still join in with the finger knitting, pompom making, knitting, weaving and extreme knitting at our workshop under the craft canopy (near the Dovecot) from 2-5pm. Hopefully we can keep our display growing all afternoon.

For Les Mis fans - A Little Fall of Rain
If you have yarnbombed items that you want to add to the display, pop along from 9am on Saturday 13 July to put them up in the Yarnbombing area.  We'd like to get the display ready for the start of the Park Party at 2pm.  After the event all items are going to be taken down and sold in aid of Oxfam.

Flower Garland

Look out for Deborah New and I. Come and tell us what you think about the event.  We'd love to meet you!
Yarnbomb Flower

You can find more details about the Yarnbombing event, workshops and some of the groups involved by looking at selected Hippystitch blogposts from May 2013 onwards.


  1. OOOoooohhh, gorgeous and great and fun and beautiful, puts a little magic back into the world, hope the day in Rowntree Park goes really well, all the best from Craft Basics : )