Monday 24 September 2018

Mister Finch - The Wish Post at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

In case you missed the recent Mister Finch exhibiton - The Wish Post - at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park here's a taster...

Mister Finch - Dashery Bunny
Mister Finch - Toadstools

Mister Finch - Hedgehogs

Mister Finch - Bundle Hedgehog
Mister Finch - Whistle Swan

Mister Finch - Squirrels
Mister Finch - Badgers
Mister Finch - Hobnail Badger

Mister Finch - Pitch Mole
Mister Finch - Rats
Mister Finch - Moss Rat
Mister Finch - Fernsby Fox

Mister Finch - Birdle Toadstool Hare

Mister Finch - Moth

Mister Finch, a Leeds based textile artist, has constructed this hand sewn menagerie inspired by British folklore, the Bretton Estate and Yorkshire wildlife.  Made from vintage tapesteries, antique silverware, discarded wire and more, Finch's gothic kingdom of woodland creatures collect other animals wishes which are breathed into envelopes and posted into toadstool postboxes.  In true fairytale fashion, one night each year their wishes are carried away on the wind and come true in the Wish Post festival.

Sunday 16 September 2018

A Day with Jane Bevan at Hope & Elvis

My assemblages

I have recently spent a fantastic day at Hope & Elvis on a workshop with Jane Bevan.  Jane is an artist who uses natural and found materials such as thorns, twigs and bark. Employing the techniques of tying, stitching, twining, coiling and binding to her materials, Jane makes small sculptures and vessels.

Work by Jane Bevan

We started the day looking at Jane's work for inspiration...

Work by Jane Bevan

We then went for a walk and collected some materials to use.  These are some of mine...

There were all sorts of fab natural materials provided for us to use too...

And a great selection of threads...

And then we set to work.  Here are some pics of work made by other workshop participants...

And you can see what I made at the start of this blogpost. And this too...

It was a lovely day.  Thanks Jane!  

Hope & Elvis is a great place to go for a workshop.  There are great tutors, loads of materials to use, a friendly atmosphere (thanks to Louise Asher, who owns Hope & Elvis) and fabulous lunches provided by Magie Hollingworth (which are a highlight in themselves!) Check them out!

Friday 14 September 2018

Lancashire Open Exhibition 2018

Huddled on the Beach - digital print, stitch & poetry - Sally Stone
There's still time to visit the Lancashire Open Exhibition 2018.  It is showing at Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk until 19 September 2018.  My piece "Huddled on the Beach" is part of the exhibition.  Using mixed media incorporating digital printing, hand stitching and one of my poems, it forms the start of a new body of work.  The exhibition has taken over lots of different spaces in the gallery so make sure you take them all in.   

Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk

Here is a taster of other artists exhibiting their work...
Carole Dawber - Mere Sands Wood

Jane Fairhurst - Fetishes for Uncertain Times
David Stanley - Red Marsh
Dawn Summerlin - Perceptive Fragility - Female
Deborah Butler - Coastal Path

Janice Tasker - In the Garden

Lucy Wray - Boxing Hares (detail)
Steve Talbot - Standard Willow
Sue Bradbury - Pink Flamingos (detail)
Elaine Fox - Making Space
Alan Edwards - Is it safe?

And lots more.  

Su Blackwell - The Clock Tower (Ormskirk Clockmakers & Watchmakers)

Also, don't forget to take a look at Su Blackwell's work.  Su, an artist who works predominantly in the realm of paper, was commissioned in 2017, as part of A Festival of Tales, to produce a piece inspired by Ormskirk & its history.  Once you've seen her paper clock tower, you can pop round the corner and take a look at the real thing!