Monday 24 September 2012

Beauty is the First Test - Contemporary Craft & Mathematics

Lucy McMullen - Maelstrom, 2005

Battersea Park is a great place to visit and so too, is the Pump House Gallery.  Their new exhibition "Beauty is the First Test" explores the link between contemporary craft, particularly textiles and maths and how knowledge of one may increase the appreciation of the other.  Here's a sample of some of the exhibits ..

Ann Sutton - Four Ways from a Square, 2009

Lesley Halliwell - Beauty is the First Test, 2012

M. Brennand-Wood - Not Born to Follow (detail), 2004

Suresh Dutt - Oscillator R, 2008-12
Definitely worth a look.  And there are associated events including making stuff.  Check out the website ...

Wednesday 19 September 2012

Gold Postbox, Renegade Craft Fair & Zincwhite

Gold postbox
At last  - I have seen my first gold postbox - just near Westminster Abbey.  Apparently this one was painted to launch the Olympic gold postbox campaign - it's not for a particular athlete.   The search continues ...  

Renegade Craft Fair

Our visit to London included the fab Renegade Craft Fair at the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane.  Lots of fab stuff.

Zincwhite Paintbrush Necklace


Of course on the way to Brick Lane we stopped off at Spitalfields where we saw the fab "Zincwhite" duo - Lidia & Paul - and just had to indulge in some paintbruch and pencil jewellery.

Zincwhite Pencil Ring

They use Derwent pencils which are made in the Lake District.  So ... on a related theme check out the Pencil Museum in Keswick next time you're there!

Tuesday 11 September 2012

Olympic Yarnbombing in York

Yarnbombed Pillar Box
The Olympics & Paralympics have been great - haven't they?  All that effort and excitement and medals - and now it's over.  Olympians and Paralympians, we salute you and in a special tribute to Team GB there has been a little yarnbombing going on in York. 
"Good as Gold" Team GB Yarnbomb

In my own small way I say,"Well done!" to our team who have been as "good as gold"!
2012 Olympic "Good as Gold" Medal


Hope it stays in place long enough to entertain a few people!   

If you're in the area - go take a look.

Monday 10 September 2012

Kew Gardens - David Nash

Cork Dome, 2012, Cork Oak
On a lovely day, Kew Gardens are always worth a visit.  At the moment sculptures, drawings & paintings by David Nash are the order of the day.  You can also go and see new sculptures being made at the Wood Quarry (till 24 September 2012)

The Cork Dome was my favourite.  It's a new work that was built on site at Kew.

Cork Dome, 2012, Cork Oak (detail)

I particularly like the textures when you get up close. Take a look at these ...

Oculus Block, 2010, Eucalyptus (detail)

Black Trunk, 2010, Redwood (detail)

Xstrata Treetop Walkway

Don't forget to take in all the fun stuff at Kew though like the Xstrata Treetop Walkway and the waterlilies.

Sunday 9 September 2012

Fabric Baobab Tree & Other Southbank Centre Artworks

Fabric Baobab Tree
There's a really cool fabric Baobab tree outside the Southbank Centre in London.  It's made from rings of  fabric from around the globe.  Check out the  bobbins and scissors in it's branches ...

Bobbins & scissors in the branches
At 15 metres tall it's part of the Festival of the World and  celebrates global creativity & diversity.

Designed and built by Pirate Technics, it has contributions from Masters students in Textile Design at Chelsea College of Art & Design.
Fabric Rings

The fabric rings have a thick gloopy coating on which I guess makes them weatherproof ...

Apart from the tree there's a lot of other stuff to take a look at.

Look up for this one!
Cool Letter Blocks

Stalagmites and Stalagtites of Milk Bottles

Thursday 6 September 2012

Lionheart Project - Crochet Goes Massive

Lionheart Lioness
You still have a few days (till 9 September 2012) to get down to the Natural History Museum (outside the main entrance on Cromwell Road) to see the amazing Lionheart Project created by Shauna Richardson for the Cultural Olympiad. 
These are three truly monumental crocheted beasts.  They are in a glass display case - think container lorry size - so they are still there even if it rains! 

Lion's Paws - Crochetdermy Style

Take a look at those fiddly paws - and there's 12 of them ...

What a fantastic creation!

Lionheart Project - Technical Detail
And to find out more - visit the website: