Monday 24 September 2012

Beauty is the First Test - Contemporary Craft & Mathematics

Lucy McMullen - Maelstrom, 2005

Battersea Park is a great place to visit and so too, is the Pump House Gallery.  Their new exhibition "Beauty is the First Test" explores the link between contemporary craft, particularly textiles and maths and how knowledge of one may increase the appreciation of the other.  Here's a sample of some of the exhibits ..

Ann Sutton - Four Ways from a Square, 2009

Lesley Halliwell - Beauty is the First Test, 2012

M. Brennand-Wood - Not Born to Follow (detail), 2004

Suresh Dutt - Oscillator R, 2008-12
Definitely worth a look.  And there are associated events including making stuff.  Check out the website ...

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