Friday 25 January 2013

Valentine's Day Cards On Folksy

Valentine's Day Card by Hippystitch
I've been doing some more lino printing in preparation for Valentine's Day (February 14th - in case anyone doesn't know).  And I've had the typewriter out - no spellcheck or easy correction option on that I can tell you!  

I've managed to get a rather pleasing flame-like effect - perfect for the passionate amongst us who wish to send that special someone a token of their affection (or indeed for those who just prefer to send handcrafted cards!)

True Love Valentine's Day Card by Hippystitch

In all, there are five different designs.  

I've just added them to my Folksy shop so if you want to have one ready for your heartthrob then head on over, the link is below:

Friday 18 January 2013

Inspiration at the British Museum

Roof of the British Museum Great Court
It's good to get out and about and it isn't always the obvious things that provide inspiration.  The roof of the Great Court at the British Museum is rather fab.  Designed by Norman Foster, the glass and steel roof has 3312 panes of glass and no two are the same - great for jigsaw enthusiasts then!

British Museum Floor (detail)

The floor is cool and colourful too!  This is in one of the ground floor galleries - take a tour and see if you can spot it!

Saturday 12 January 2013

New People & Places Badges

People & Places - Resin Badges
I've been experimenting with a new range of badges and getting out the resin again.  This time they're about people and places.  I group some people or their things, choose a place or background that I think would be suitable for them and away we go. It also gives me a chance to peruse some old Ordnance Survey maps!

The Jogger - Resin Badge

The jogger is running along some country roads - I hope he doesn't get lost! 


Resin Bike Badge

The bikes are off for a scenic cycle ride - should their owners upgrade to mountain bikes for some serious off-roading?  

The two on their way to school have been doing some reading together ... or was it homework and is that Dad or Grandad who's doing the school run?

The School Run - Resin Badge

I've had fun making it all up - hope you like them too.  They are not quite finished yet ... but nearly!

Wednesday 2 January 2013

Miro & Hearld at Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP)

Miro Exhibition at YSP
You've just got time to visit the Miro Exhibition before it finishes at YSP on 6 January 2013.  This is the first major UK exhibition of his sculpture most of which was done in the second half of his life and includes some very colourful pieces. Some of the Miro is outdoors and some is in the Underground Gallery but all are just by the YSP Centre, cafe and shop.  

Autumn Fox - Mark Hearld - 2012
... but you can relax a little if you want to see the Mark Hearld: Birds & Beasts because that's on until 17 February 2013. All of Mark Hearld's work is in the YSP Centre - ground floor and upstairs.  Mark is a York based artists who has taken inspiration from the YSP estate (including its wildlife) to create some new work for this exhibition.  There are handpainted wooden birds, ceramic hares, collages, lino & litho prints. Go see - it's well worth the trip.

If you've never been to the YSP it makes a great day out - there's the usual essentials - car parking (£7.50 per day but entry into YSP is free), cafe and shop (particularly good) and then there are indoor exhibtions and all the outdoor sculptures - you can do as much or as little walking as you like (there's 500 acres!).  If you have small children they can run around while you take in the artworks. Fresh air, exercise, culture, food & shopping -  surely something for everyone!

Tuesday 1 January 2013

Happy New Year with Embroidered Jumpers

Moustache Embroidered Jumper
The Cat's Pyjamas Embroidered Jumper

Well I've had a rest from my usual makes to try something a little different for me.  I've been working on a couple of jumpers and thought you might like to see the results - just finished in time to welcome in the New Year. 

Happy 2013 by the way.  Hope it has started well for you all!