Saturday 12 January 2013

New People & Places Badges

People & Places - Resin Badges
I've been experimenting with a new range of badges and getting out the resin again.  This time they're about people and places.  I group some people or their things, choose a place or background that I think would be suitable for them and away we go. It also gives me a chance to peruse some old Ordnance Survey maps!

The Jogger - Resin Badge

The jogger is running along some country roads - I hope he doesn't get lost! 


Resin Bike Badge

The bikes are off for a scenic cycle ride - should their owners upgrade to mountain bikes for some serious off-roading?  

The two on their way to school have been doing some reading together ... or was it homework and is that Dad or Grandad who's doing the school run?

The School Run - Resin Badge

I've had fun making it all up - hope you like them too.  They are not quite finished yet ... but nearly!

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