Saturday 6 July 2013

Fourth Yarnbombing Workshop - Rowntree Park Cafe, York

Three of the four tables busy with their yarnbombing preparations

I think this was our busiest workshop yet and there were quite a few little ones joining in making pompoms! We managed to monopolise four tables but as it was a lovely day most of the cafe's regular customers were enjoying the sunshine on the balcony so I don't think we stopped anyone sampling its culinary delights.  In fact I like to think we've introduced a few newcomers!

Pompom making in progress!
Yarnbombers at Rowntree Park Cafe

People brought lots of lovely crafty donations with them as well as making all sorts while they were with us. The workshop was a mixture of new faces and familiar ones.  We were so pleased that people had enjoyed it so much the first time that they came again!

Selecting yarns for weaving

An extra plus for me was that I got to sample some of the delights from Rowntree Park Cafe which were (of course) fabulous. Hooray!

Yarnbombing Goodies

Yarnboombing Goodies - Detail

Don't forget  - the last chance to join in the yarnbombing comes on Saturday 13 July at the Rowntree Park 92nd Birthday Party.  Anyone with anything to add to the Yarnbombing display can add it from 9am. Deborah & I will be around if you have any questions or need a bit of yarn to attach your finished work to part of the park.  Then from 2-5pm during the Party, you can join us creating under the craft canopy (find us near the Dovecot!) and add anything you make straight to the display.  There will be some items for sale on the day but most will be donated to Oxfam for sale after the event.  Come, see, create! 


  1. Good to see its gathering momentum. I'm getting quite excited for you.
    S xx

    1. Me too! Let's hope for a lovely sunny day!