Monday 20 May 2013

Fairfax Court Yarnbombers

Some of the Knit & Natter Group - Fairfax Court, Acomb, York
Today I went to visit the lovely Knit & Natter Group at Fairfax Court in Acomb, York.  I had been invited along to talk to them a few weeks ago about our Yarnbombing Event in Rowntree Park.  Jose Smith had invited me and it was Jose who called me up to say they'd been on the case and their output was ready for collection.  

Crochet squares & bunting
So off I went, intrigued as to what I would find and I was bowled over by their productivity!  They had been very busy bees indeed.  Firstly, there was a fantastic umbrella done by Dot Teal with the help of other members of the group (Pauline, Maureen & Doris), some sensational crochet squares (very now!) by Edna Shilleto, a huge pompom by Doris Swallow (very reminiscent of allium, I thought  - look out for it in the Rowntree Park flower borders!) not to mention an amazing amount of bunting by Maureen Ellis, Doris Swallow, Doreen Feetenby, Pauline Featherstone & Jose Smith.  We salute you ladies and look forward to seeing it in Rowntree Park, York on Saturday 13 July 2013. Thank you very much indeed!

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