Friday 3 May 2013

Paper Trail by Deborah Bowness & Students from York College

Following a conversation with an interesting lady in Gap I took myself off to the Bonding Warehouse in York to have a look at Deborah Bowness's wallpaper transformation of the building.  They are a fun trompe l'oeil (visual trick) which quite brightened up my day and forms part of a larger "Paper Trail" exhibition around York.  

Paper Trail Roomscape - Deborah Bowness

Paper Trail Filing - Deborah Bowness

Paper Trail Suitcases - Deborah Bowness

Paper Trail Parrot - Deborah Bowness
Deborah, who comes from the York area and now designs wallpaper has had some help from students on the Art Foundation Course at York College who were invited to come up with designs for Paper Trail.  

It's a great way to liven up some empty spaces and the Bonding Warehouse isn't the only structure in York to be transformed.  You can email to find out what else to check out (but you could start with the Leeman Road tunnel). 

Take yourself down there and take some pics - pretend to sit on the sofa, pick up a suitcase.  Go on - have a bit of fun - we did! (but don't wait too long - they're only temporary)

For more information take a look here:
and here:

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