Wednesday 15 May 2013

Paper Trail by Deborah Bowness & Students from York College - Part 2

My last post on this subject seemed to be quite popular: 
so I thought you might like to see some of the other transformations that have happened in York. 

So... let's go to the Leeman Road Tunnel (on the way to the National Railway Museum - somewhere else in York always worth a visit!  There is quite alot to see along the length of this rather dreary tunnel but here's my selection ...
Paper Trail - Wallpaper

And just a bit further on there were these - I've only just thrown out a collection of videos that looked just like this!

Paper Trail - Videos
Paper Trail - Wallpaper Detail
Paper Trail - Birds, Cabinet & Window

Paper Trail - Chairs & Window

Next I went to the White Swan Hotel in the City Centre.  This building has been an eyesore for years so it's transformation was a welcome change!

Paper Trail - Bookshelves
Paper Trail - Parrots & Pot Plants
The White Swan Hotel Transformed by Paper Trail
As I said before these are only temporary so go and take a look while you can!

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