Wednesday 28 June 2017

Brilliant Birds Fly into Rowntree Park

Who's that ready to fly into Rowntree Park, York?

The car was packed, the weather was cloudy but it looked like the rain might hold off.  I set off optimistically to meet Deborah New to install the Brilliant Birds Yarnstorm in Rowntree Park, York.

Base Camp

Needless to say the rain didn't hold off.  It was a horrid wet day but the Brilliant Birds Installation is now in place.  Deborah and I elicited help from Lily and Cath and together we managed to put it up. 
Lily & Deborah hard at work

We were also helped by hot drinks and scones from Rowntree Park Cafe - without which we would certainly have flagged!  (No scone pics - they were demolished far too quickly for that.)
Making a start


And then it was up

and finished

So if you're passing don't forget to post your pics of the #BrilliantBirds - we'd love to see them.  The birds will be in place for about a month, coming down towards the end of July 2017.

and even the tree was in place

And most importantly, the Brilliant Birds are supporting St Leonard's Hospice which is an independent charity, providing specialist palliative care and support for local people with life limiting illnesses. Whilst their care is free of charge to patients and their families it is not free to provide. So, after the birds come down, they will be sold in the St Leonard's Hospice shop at 5 Scarcroft Rd, York, YO23 1ND.  The birds will go on sale on Saturday 26 August 2017.  Do go along and buy some.  Alternatively, you can donate online here and please mention Brilliant Birds in your reason for donating.

and finally!

If you want to read more about the project, the details are here.  Click on the links for information about the workshops we held at Olive's Nest, Rowntree Park Cafe, The Golden Ball and The Winning Post. Or if you want to see our mention in Craft & Design Magazine click here.  However if your interest is more craft based you may want to check out the Brilliant Bird Patterns, read about the hula hoop woven birds, the big knitted owl or even extreme knitting a tree. And finally you may be inclined to read about the exploits of the Fairfax Court Yarnstormers - they have been great supporters or our yarnstorming projects since we began! 

Deborah & I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has made birds for us, whether in the workshops or at home.  We had over 80 people taking part, making 600 really brilliant birds!  Thanks also go to the workshop venues for having us, to the Friends of Rowntree Park for sponsoring us and to Boyes, who also supported us.  Hope you all love the #BrilliantBirds.  Go see!


  1. What a great project and the installation looks fantastic, well done to you all!

    1. Thanks, Helen - lots of community help to make it all!

  2. A very happy looking project!