Monday 3 July 2017

Make Your Mark at Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk

Ombre Tubes - Kat Button

Make Your Mark, has just finished at Chapel Gallery in Ormskirk.  So if you missed it, here's a bit about it.  The exhibition wanted you to consider the ways in which artists make their marks and to encourage you to make some of your own.  Here's some of the artists' work that I enjoyed while looking round.

The Woolly Hut (Remade) - Kat Button

Kat Button's work crosses several disciplines and focuses on colour and experimentation.  It had a playful, energetic feel that I loved...

Kat Button

Amy Russell's scratchy paintings and collages were both witty and nostalgic...

Your Age - Amy Russell
Dear Lad - Amy Russell

Nathan Pendlebury's work was vibrant and energetic...

Look to the Rainbow 2 - Nathan Pendlebury

Sarah Jane Richard's landscapes suggested an element of decay...

Wanderings and Wonderings 3 - Sarah Jane Richards

It's always worth checking out what's happening at Chapel Gallery if you're in the vicinity.  Go see what's new!

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