Saturday 17 June 2017

Significance at Gawthorpe Hall

Alice Kettle - Lost Limb (detail)

On at Gawthorpe Hall, Significance is a textile exhibition of work by staff and students from the Manchester School of Art, inspired by the Gawthorpe Textile Collection. The Textile Collection was amassed by Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth, the last member of the Shuttleworth family to live at Gawthorpe Hall.  'Miss Rachel' was passionate about textiles and collected lace, costume, fabrics and textile pieces from around the world and used them as a teaching resource and to inspire people to craft and create.   

Georgia Heaton
Hermione Crowe
Tabitha Muggeridge
Gawthorpe Textiles Collection Pieces

In the exhibition, as well as Alice Kettle, Georgia Heaton, Hermione Crowe & Tabitha Muggeridge, don't miss Lisa Baraona, Nigel Hurlstone, Lynn Setterington, Jane McKeating and more.  On until 25 June 2017, you still have time to catch the Significance exhibition.

(Thanks to Rachel Pilling for the photos after my own camera ran out of charge!)

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