Wednesday 10 June 2015

Putting Poppies in the Park Together

Gigantic red poppy under construction

Since our last workshop we've been sorting out poppies.  And including all big & small poppies - it's official - there's a thousand.  (Loud fanfare please.) How fantastic is that - and rather more than expected!  We've had to make our poppy twice as gigantic and had to enlist extra help (thanks so much Helen, Kate & Lily for attaching hundreds of poppies!)

So here's just a sneaky peek at what to expect  ...

Gigantic poppies - above and below - knitted, stitched & crocheted by the local community

Gigantic whte poppy - 190cm diameter

Giant poppies - extreme knitting

Giant red poppy - 1m diameter
Giant white poppy - 1m diameter
Big Poppies - big knitting

Big red poppy 57cm diameter (thanks to Fiona, Sue & Angela)
Big white poppy - 70cm diameter (thanks to Sarah, Sue & Angela)

The Poppies in the Park Yarnstorming Installation goes up in Rowntree Park on Thursday 11 June 2015 and will be up until after the Rowntree Park Birthday Party on 12 July 2015.  

Come on down - it's going to be great!

Poppies in the Park has been sponsored by the Friends of Rowntree Park, Boyes & Duttons for Buttons and wouldn't have been possible without all the fabulous poppy making plus arm and finger knitting by the local community at workshops and at home.   Poppy makers of York - you're the best!

Read more about the workshops here ... 
Poppies in the Park go to Rowntree Park Reading Cafe, York  
Poppies in the Park go to Tesco  
Poppies in the Park Workshop at the Golden Ball York

or about the Fairfax Court Yarnstormers here ...
Fairfax Court Yarnstorming Ahead

or about the extreme knit poppies here ...
Extreme Knitting Continues with a Giant White Poppy
A Giant Poppy - More Extreme Knitting

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