Monday 1 June 2015

Fairfax Court Yarnstorming Ahead

Marie, Jose, Edna & Doreen - Fairfax Court Yarnstormers (Thanks too, to Maureen who has also been knitting poppies but couldn't join us for the picture)

Today I went along to join the Fairfax Court Yarnstormers to collect all their hard work.  They have been knitting for the Poppies in the Park project and have been very prolific.  I collected 378 poppies (217 white poppies + 161 red poppies).  How impressive is that!  (Jose confided that she had knitted 300 which is quite a feat.)  

White poppies
Red Poppies

Thank you so much ladies!  They'll be a fantastic addition to our display.

Do come along to our final workshop which is on Tuesday 2 June from 2-4pm at Rowntree Park Cafe, York.

The Poppies in the Park installation goes up in Rowntree Park on Thursday 11 June (by the tennis courts, near the cafe) and will be on display until after the Rowntree Park Birthday Party on Sunday 12 July 2015.

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