Saturday 5 October 2013


Went to Yarndale - a celebration of crafting creativity - in Skipton.  Held at Skipton Auction Mart, it was a textile extravaganza rather like Woolfest in Cockermouth but slightly bigger and with yarnbombing.  It was a fantastic day out!

I arrived on the vintage bus shuttle from the station which was great fun and was decorated inside with pompom sheep and flowers.

Vintage Yarndale Bus

Once there all manner of fantastic vendors were displaying their wares and it was very hard to resist what was on offer.  I was entertained by the display of knitted Andalusian food...

...which as you can see included sardines skewered with a knitting needle - how apt! Was bowled over by the bunting...

...and enjoyed the yarnbombs especially the balls of wool and knitting needles - simple but effective!

Yarndale was also collecting yarn from all the creative visitors for the Skipton Oxfam shop who were going to transform it into lots of lovely stuff to raise money for Oxfam.  Promoted both in the Oxfam shop and at the event it was very successful. I think they'll be creating goodies for quite some time.  How great is that!

Yarndale & Oxfam working together!

I neglected to take photos of the vendors - too busy looking round but here are some of the stallholders who took my fancy...

Colourcraft - dyes, foils, angelina etc.

Eliza Conway - vintage bits & pieces and all sorts

Ingrid Wagner - big knitting & crochet
Jackie Lunn - fabulous felt creations 

Namolio - lovely linen yarns 

Textile Garden - amazing buttons & braid 

There were, of course, absolutely loads of fantastic vendors and lots of amazing yarns.  You can find out more about them and Yarndale here:

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