Monday 30 September 2013

Work in Progress

After spending a good deal of the summer with a bad back and unable to make any headway at all I am finally back into the swing of things.  Hurray!  So I've started with a few new products which you might like to take a look at.  Some are carrying on the vintage theme of the map and music products that I have been making and some (shock, horror - it is only September!) are for Christmas!!!  So here they are ...

Domino Brooches

More domino brooches
Yes - you're right I did feel the need to arrange my dominoes in order in each row as if playing dominoes!  But, these brooches are quite small (approx 3cm x 1.5cm) so you could wear a few at a time and arrange them, domino fashion!  Light bulb moment - I shall go and try it out at once!

Coin Brooches
Finally, I have taken the plunge with my coin stash and made some penny brooches.  Some are date side up (tails) and some heads.  Quite interesting fact: if you're looking for specific dates you won't find any after 1967 as there were none minted later due to impending decimalisation!

Bikes on the road

Bikes in the country

Living in bike city I decided to make some bike cards.  I have made a few before but now have a couple of variations - let's call them urban and rural!  Which is your favourite?

Reindeer and mini snowflake cards

I know it's still months till Christmas but I have been doing some advanced making with these really cute reindeer and mini snowflake cards (& bigger snowflake cards as well - incorporating some lovely buttons!)

Snowflake & button cards

All these items will be available at my next event: 
and also at Blossom Street Gallery & Framing, York.  

You can find out more about Blossom Street Gallery & Framing here:
and here 


  1. I love your cards! So cute... I like both the bike designs best :)

    1. Thanks - it's good to have a bit of variety!