Friday 4 March 2022

Linda Wormald's Garden Gallery, York

Linda Wormald & her Garden Gallery

Towards the end of 2021 I discovered a little gem of a gallery in York.  It's called the Garden Gallery and it's run by a very talented lady called Linda Wormald.  Linda is a contemporary artist who specialises in landscapes and seascapes inspired by North Yorkshire & Scotland.  Her paintings, in acrylics and oils on canvas, are a delight of colour and texture.

The Garden Gallery

In her gallery, as well as Linda's own art, you will find a treasure trove of work by local artists and makers.  In fact, a number of my friends received Christmas presents that I found there.

Hippystitch Liberty Print Fabric Necklaces

Anyway there are two pieces of good news.  The first is that the gallery reopens for spring on Thurday 10 March 2022.  And the second is that you'll be able to buy my work there too!

Hippystitch Flower Button Bracelets

A selection of Hippystitch Button Brooches

You'll be able to find a selection of my fabric necklaces, button bracelets and brooches.  And if you need something to carry your purchases away, there'll also be some of my screen printed bike bags!

Hippystitch Screen Printed Bike Bag

Linda Wormald's Garden Gallery reopens on Thursday 10 March 2022 and can be found at 3 Windmill Lane, York, YO10 3LG.  It is open from Thursday to Saturday from 10.30am until 4pm.  Go see!

If you happen to be a member at York's David Lloyd club, it's just a short walk from the carpark and you can combine it with some exercise.


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