Wednesday 25 March 2020

Harland Miller at York Art Gallery

Harland Miller - Bad Weather Painting 1

Hopefully in the fullness of time you will be able to see Harland Miller's exhibition at York Art Gallery once it re-opens.  However if you didn't get a chance to go before the gallery closed, or if York would always be too far to visit, you may want a taster of what's on show, so here's some pics and info to keep you going...

Born in York in the 1960s, Miller spent his formative years in Yorkshire. He combines his love of text and abstraction to devise book covers in recognisable and humorous formats.

Harland Miller - Bridlington - Something Tells Me Nothing's Going To Happen Tonight

His Pelican Bad Weather paintings relate to towns and cities in the north of England particularly the Yorkshire coast, where the weather just can't be guaranteed...

Harland Miller - Bad Weather Painting 3

Harland Miller - Bad Weather Painting 2

Miller's Letter Paintings draw on his study of the history of lettering and illuminated manuscripts and have a pop art vibe...

Harland Miller - If

Harland Miller - Ace

Inspired by a box of Penguin books outside an English bookshop in Paris, Miller began painting graphic covers in the 1990s with newly invented titles, aiming also to evoke in the painting the secondhand dog eared look of the books.

Harland Miller - Rags to Polyester - My Story

Harland Miller - Death, What's In It For Me?

Miller's work, hovering between humour and despair, hope and disappointment is very entertaining - well worth a look!

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