Sunday 15 March 2020

Gillian Lowndes: On the Edge at CoCA, York Art Gallery

Gillian Lowndes - Collage With Bathroom Tile

Gillian Lowndes exhibition "On the Edge" at the Centre of Ceramic Art (CoCA) at York Art Gallery is on until May 2020.  Lowndes (1936-2010) is considered to be the most radical ceramicist of the 20th Century.

Gillian Lowndes - Brick Bag With Pot Shards

From the 1970s she developed mixed media 3D "collages" using discarded man-made objects and natural materials combined with latex, fibreglass and clay which were then fired in a kiln.  The resulting elements were then glued or wired together to create her compositions...

Gillian Lowndes - Corrugated Composition (Bird)
Gillian Lowndes - Collage With Tomato Root
Gillian Lowndes - Hooks

If you like interesting assemblages, this is the exhibition for you!

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