Sunday 30 June 2019

Tree Leaves & the Fairfax Court Yarnstormers

The Fairfax Court Forest

The Fairfax Court Yarnstormers have made a fantastic contribution to the Tree Leaves Yarnstorm Installation.  I called in to join them for their knit and natter session recently and collected several large bags of trees and leaves that they had been busy knitting (and stitching!)

Jean Elliott, Hazel Laws, Edna Shilletoe, Doreen Feetenby

The table was groaning under the weight of the urban forest they had created!

Jean Marshall, Marjorie Winn, Ann Driffield

Jose, who urges the group on in their community knitting endeavours, wasn't there when I visited but she had knitted hundreds of leaves (literally!).

Jose Smith

A fabulous forest... 

Thank you so much ladies -  I can't wait to see all your hard work on display!

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