Friday 17 May 2019

Tree Leaves at Rowntree Park Cafe #1

Trees & Leaves from the Rowntree Park Cafe workshop

On Monday we joined the Craft & Chat group in Rowntree Park Cafe for our second Tree Leaves workshop during the #GetCreativeFestival. We were making trees and leaves for the Tree Leaves Yarnstorm that will be going up in Rowntree Park in late July 2019 until the end of August.

Crocheting, stitching and knitting was in evidence...

Hazel, Anne & Margaret

with lots of smiles...

Karen & Annie

and concentration...

Nettie, Amanda & Sam

Amanda, Sam, Gina & Tania

It was lovely to meet up with the Craft & Chat group.  We did take up quite a lot of space though...

Craft & Chat Group

but made lots of lovely trees and leaves!

Trees & Leaves

Thank you to everyone who came and to Rowntree Park Cafe for having us!

Our next workshop is on Tuesday 21 May at the Trafalgar Bay pub on Nunnery Lane, York, YO23 1AB from 7-9pm.  Come & join us - full details here.

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