Thursday 18 August 2016

Fantasy Fish Sale & what to do with your fish!

or is it?  Come along to the fish sale and find out!

If you've been following the Fantasy Fish project you'll know that the first #Fantasyfish sale is on Saturday 27 August from 10-3pm.  This will be my first time as a fantasy fishmonger and you'll find Deborah New & I in Rowntree Park by the Cafe, selling fish.  All the money we raise from the sale of fish will go to the York Flood Appeal.

In case you're wondering what you might do with your fish purchases (and I do hope the plural is appropriate!), I've put together a few suggestions.  

First of all you could display your fishy in a little dishy...

Fish themed crockery from Frankie & Johnny's Cookshop, plate stand from Pextons - both on Bishopthorpe Road, York

or you could display them like this...

Display stands from Purepallets

or you could frame them...

Blossom Street Gallery & Framing, York offer a wide range of framing options

Some of the smaller ones would make nice brooches...

just add a brooch pin - The York Makery on Gillygate, York stock them

Or you could keep them as trouble free pets...

fish and plant from the display with added knitted pebbles!

Some of the flat ones could act as table mats or coasters...

fish table mat & starfish coaster

Then there's the recycling option.  This one's very topical - a mackerel tin (standing on a bottle top!)...

Canned fish

And, of course, you could have them swimming through the air like they did when they were part of the Fantasy Fish Yarnstorm - outdoors or indoors!

I'm sure you'll have your own ideas too - but that's a different kettle of fish!

a very different kettle of fish

In addition to all the lovely fish - there will be some Hippystitch items of which 50% of the proceeds will be going to the York Flood Appeal.  There are some ceramic brooches, lino print cards & a selection of postcards...

Fantasy Fish ceramic brooches
Fantasy Fish lino print cards
postcards of the installation

If you enjoyed the display you can come and drop a donation in our very fishy collection box...

Donations welcome!

or until 31 August 2016, you can donate online here.  Please come along - we look forward to seeing you.  And let's hope for sunshine too!


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