Monday 25 July 2016

Fantasy Fish Come Down & Go Online

Fantasy Fish all taken down

It was a bit of a sad day when we took down the Fantasy Fish Yarnstorm.  It has been a popular installation but it was time to go.  I couldn't resist a few last photos though...
Carol's goldfish

Sally-Ann's Hammerhead
Heather's Stripey Fish
Sarah's octopus

There have been lots of pics on social media using #fantasyfish - check them out on Twitter here and Instagram here.
Lots of lovely fantasy fish

So down they came and, after a month in the park - in the wind and the rain and the sun, it was time for a whirl in the washing machine.  Eight loads later, it was all done.  It took all my pegs and my neighbours' (thanks, Kate & Sue!) and a trip to Pextons for new pegs to get them "online".

my shark pegs seemed particularly appropriate!

and there were more to go "online" the next day:

#fantasyfish go online!

and of course there were the big fish too and the finger knitting...
catch of the day?

finger knitting drying out

So now they're all clean and ready for our two fish sales on:

Saturday 27 August 2016
Friday 2 September 2016

From 10am to 3pm we will be selling fish in Rowntree Park, York near Rowntree Park Cafe in aid of the York Flood AppealDo come and say hello and buy fish.  We look forward to seeing you!


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