Tuesday 5 April 2016

Spotlight on terrific textures for stitching inspiration

Rusted, flaking metal

A day at the seaside is always good for me.  Mine was at Filey - looking for some textural inspiration for stitching.  Here's what I found ...

Nets & floats
Fine nets
Metal surface

Peeling paint and rusty railing
Rusty chain and plastic sheet


Painted boat surface
Wooden surface
Sea & shore
Bempton Cliffs

Who knows where it will take me.  I also met a fisherman and the Ginger Ninja ...

Ginger Ninja

Lovely day out.  Don't forget to visit Ebbing Tide at Neil's Gallery and grab a coffee at The Coffee Shed!


  1. Brilliant images, just my sort of photo, particularly like the blue and rust just like a deliberately placed still life.

  2. Completely my thing for subject matter in photography, you can't beat a few nets and a bit of rust. Give me an old factory boiler house any day for a bit of texture and inspiration

  3. It's amazing what you see when you look close up!