Monday 18 April 2016

Extreme Knitting & a Fantasy Fish

Beached Fish

You may have read about this year's Fantasy Fish Yarnstorm which will be on display in Rowntree Park, York, later this year.  In preparation I have been doing some extreme knitting to create a large fish (over 2m long!) which will swim along and join the display.

Extreme knitting to scale

Anticipating the possibility of bad weather on a recent trip to Scotland I took my extreme needles and some yarn with me in case I was stuck indoors for a while.  Actually the weather wasn't so bad but I managed to fit in some extreme knitting anyway.  I had some yarn left over from a previous project - I think it might have been from those big jerseys from the Knit a Bike Installation.  Anyway I soon ran out of that!  However a quick trip round the charity shops for wool blankets and the local household store for some dye yielded positive results ...

Starting with a cream wool blanket

Nice bright coloured dyes

Add to the washing machine
Excellent results

Having got some lovely colours I decided to have a pink stripe in my fish and as I'd already started with yellow I decided to continue in that colour.  I cut up my blankets to form more yarn - 1.6kg of yellow and 900g of pink and then I was ready to carry on.

More yarn ready for extreme knitting

After all that I needed a break - did they know about my fishy theme?
A well deserved break - coffee and a chocolate fish!

When I returned home I just needed to make an eye ...

Finger knitted fish eye with pompom pupil

Now it just needs stabilising and it'll be ready for display - but that's a job for another day!

If you want to join in with our #FantasyFish project, details of the workshops are here.  If you can't make the workshops you can find Fantasy Fish knitting patterns here.  We would be very pleased to receive #fishfromafar as well as close by! 

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