Thursday 14 May 2015

Poppies in the Park Workshop at the Golden Ball York

The first Poppies in the Park workshop was at the Golden Ball pub in York on Tuesday.  It was a busy night and we took over two rooms. 

It was quite a night for stitching - possibly because we had gatecrashed the UFO (UnFinished Objects) Group's regular night and had a contingent from Sew Chatty join us too.  You may remember the fantastic yarnstormed horse that the UFO Group created and the beautiful flower garland that Sew Chatty made at our first yarnstorming event in Rowntree Park.

White stitched poppies

Red stitched poppies

Ordinary knitting was also on the needles.  No needles necessary for the arm knitting and finger knitting though - and spot the pompoms!

Knitted poppies, pompoms, arm knitting & finger knitting

And of course there was big knitting too - Fiona & Sarah took up the big knit poppy challenge.  I hope there'll be someone to continue the big knitting challenge at our next workshop on Saturday!

Big knit poppies are underway!

Thanks to everyone who came along and made poppies with us.  We've made a fantastic start!  Thanks too, to the Golden Ball for having us.

Poppies in the park workshops are taking place in Craft & Design Month - come and be creative with us!

The Poppies in the Park yarnstorming installation goes up in Rowntree Park, York on 11 June 2015 and is sponsored by Friends of Rowntree Park, Boyes and Duttons for Buttons

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