Friday 16 January 2015

Treasure from Yorkshire

Vintage mother of pearl buttons

This week I have been the lucky recipient of treasure.  It was presented to me in a bag & having spent some time looking through it all I thought I would share it with you ...

Spare buttons from many sources
Green buttons
Knitting needles, crochet hooks and other paraphernalia
Vintage tins

There was also some yarn and felt which will go to this year's yarnstorming project - planning underway - more later! (Did you spot the 18 count Aida in the background in some of the pics?)  And this was just some of the treasure.  It was such a lovely surprise and do you know what else - when Rosalie told me she had this for me, she was wearing one of my brooches. Thank you very much, Rosalie! 

Vintage Spools

Spool colours

I have also had some good finds at my local charity shop this week with some vintage threads and a sewing box - which inspired me to sort out my sewing things.  Hooray!

Sewing box
And inside ...

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