Wednesday 3 December 2014

A Workshop with Julie Arkell

Julie Arkell

I have just been on a workshop run by Julie Arkell - great excitement!  I love her work and all those fantastic rabbit people and creatures she creates.   She likes to work with everyday materials such as newspapers, glue, fabric, yarn, cardboard, wire and other bits and pieces.  And she collects interesting phrases or sayings that might come in handy too!

Julie Arkell's papier mâché dolls

We started the day by choosing one of Julie's papier mâché dolls.  Her papier mâché is made from the Guardian you'll be pleased to know but the dolls' final layer comes from old paperbacks. Julie prefers to use those from before 1950 because the paper is thinner. (Mine was French which added a certain "je ne sais quoi"!) 


Then using Julie's fabrics and yarns, knitting patterns and guidance we spent the day hard at work to dress our dolls ..

and more knitting!

I made my doll a rabbit ear bonnet, some knitted knickers, a top and skirt.  Here's the journey ...

My chosen Julie Arkell doll

Check out those knitted knickers!

My finished efforts

We all started with a similar creature but they all looked quite different and wonderful by the end of the day!

Our finished creations!

Just look at that appliqued flower, those stripey legings, that collar, the spotty apron, the shawl - lovely bits of detail.

You can read more about Julie here and you can take a longer look at some of her work on Beverly Armani's Julie Arkell Pinterest Board

The workshop was held in a fantastic yarn shop called Loop in Camden Passage, London.  It is impossible not to be tempted by all their goodies.  I indulged my love of buttons and managed to come away with only one ball of Habu yarn for which I do have a plan!  

Goodies from Loop

It was a great day - thank you, Julie and thank you, Loop!


  1. Hello there!
    I was also very lucky and went to one of Julie's workshop a couple of years ago.
    I loved it so much.
    Your doll is beautiful x

    1. Thank you. I had a really great day (and had to make a few more outfits once I got home!) x