Monday 8 September 2014

The Fulford Tapestry

Earlier this year, Mary Ann Dearlove came to talk to the City of York Embroiderers' Guild about the Fulford Tapestry.  The Fulford Tapestry is all about the Battle of Fulford. 

Quick history lesson - the Battle of Fulford preceded both the Battle of Stamford Bridge & the Battle of Hastings in 1066 which resulted in the end of Anglo-Saxon rule in England.  Harald Hardrada, King of Norway was the victor in the Battle of Fulford. He was later defeated and killed at the Battle of Stamford Bridge.  The battle site runs adjacent to Germany Beck in Fulford, York.

The tapestry is designed and made in the Bayeux style and uses natural dyes and stitches that would have been used in the Bayeux tapestry.  It took 7 years to complete - what commitment! It was finished in 2012 and is now looking for a permanent home where it can be displayed for the public to see. 

National Bird of Norway (White-throated Dipper)

The natural dye colour sources used were:

Madder - red
Weld -yellow
Woad - blue
Walnut - brown
Weld & Woad - green
Oak Galls - grey/brown
Cow parsley - green/yellow

and a recipe book of the dyes used has been made.  The book itself looks great - I love the yarn page edges.

Dye recipe book
Naturally dyed yarns using woad, weld and other ingredients

You can read more about the stitching, dyeing and the project in general on the Fulford Tapestry website.

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