Wednesday 24 September 2014

Alice Fox - Tide Marks @ SDC Gallery, London - 22-27 September 2014

Tide Line - Tapestry weave incorporating sea soaked beachcombed metal objects

Yesterday I had the good fortune to see Alice Fox's exhibition at the Society of Designer Craftsmen Gallery in London.  I have blogged about Alice's work before here

This exhibition shows a continuation of Alice's work with coastal landscape and found items, charting walks or moments along the shore.  The media Alice uses include fabric, paper, stitch, embossing, printing together with tea & rust dyeing.  Here is a flavour of the exhibition ...

Beach Ghosts - combining paper, tea, embossing & printing
Cloths - using fabric, stitch, tea & rust dyed using beachcombed metal & wire

Alice also has a number of fantastic artist's books on display using paper, tea & rust print, embossing and hand stitch ...

Tide Marks Book #7

Tide Marks Book

Tide Marks Book #25

The books vary in size and I think the books are my personal favourites.

The exhibition also includes poetry by Nigel Morgan which perfectly complements the pieces.

There is also a book - Tide Marks - to accompany the exhibition which includes Nigel Morgan's poetry.  You can buy it here.

On until 27 September 2014 - there's still time to take a look! 

Also - just over the road there's another good place to visit Material Books Art. Check it out!

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