Monday 4 August 2014

The Feathered Aviator - Cirencester

On a recent trip to Cirencester I took in the current exhibition at New Brewery Arts - "The Feathered Aviator" by Celia Smith.  It celebrates the role of the homing pigeon in communications during World War 1.  The delicate wire sculptures reflect the bird's twin qualities of fragility & strength.  Some pigeons were made by members of the local community and carry messages written by those who made them.

Celia Smith says:

Here's a flavour of the exhibition ...

Flock of Pigeons
Pigeon's carrying messages
Close up
wire bird sculptures also make attractive shadows
Comments on communications during WW1 and today:

and the wire connection:

You can even make your own pigeon & message and add it to the large wire poppy sculpture ...

Adding our pigeon to the poppy

"Hoping you are all safe at home"

The exhibition is on until Sunday 7 September - it's well worth a look!

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