Friday 8 August 2014

Cirencester March Hare Festival

Madame Butterfly by Debbie Stirling

Something I haven't come across before is the Cirencester March Hare Festival.  Dotted about the town are a (large) number of decorated hares by different artists.  Some hares are life sized and some are rather large (5 feet tall).  I can't say I saw them all (there are over 40) but the one above was my favourite.

Here are a few more ...

Charles by Emma Samms - check out the magenta whiskers!
Corinna by Laura Fearn
Daby Hare by Kaffe Fassett
Hare to the Throne by Dominique Sanglier
Hareoh the Pharaoh by Prior Park Prep School & Ann Jelley
Harriet by Penny Hill
Harrison by Cirencester College Students
Hartley the Cirencester Chocolate Hare by Lick the Spoon
James by Simon Morriss
Miles the Millionhare by Rod Ashman
Party Hare by Jane Callan
Whare's Davey? by Powells School Pupils

Woolly Jumper by Laura Plant
Hare in Sheep's Clothing by Kate Dove

The idea behind all these fantasy hares is to provide an additional attraction for visitors to Cirencester.  Why hares? Well, there is a great Roman hare mosaic which is now in the Corinium Museum.  Also, it has provided an opportunity for local businesses, artists and the community to work together on this project to promote Cirencester.  

The hares will be on show until 14 September 2014.  Then, in October they will be auctioned and the proceeds will go to the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust to help fund the ‘Green Hare Churn Walkway’ around the River Churn in Cirencester. This new walkway will involve schools and community groups and have lasting benefits for both locals and visitors.  Sounds good to me!

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