Monday 19 May 2014

Ghost Peloton - Leeds

The Ghost Peloton begins

On Friday night I went to see one of the Yorkshire Festival 2014 main events which was the Ghost Peloton.  It was fantastic.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect but think loads of cyclists in the dark, choreographed cycling to music whilst making amazing light patterns with their bikes and bodies.  And at the same time there's a huge screen featuring lights and dancers.  Can't quite imagine it? Well here are a few pics to give you a flavour ...

Fantastic choreographing

and colour

and light

and music (I know - you can't hear it!)

and without question amazing cycling!
The live performances were in Waides Yard, Leeds.  The Ghost Peloton is a collaboration between NVA and Leeds based Phoenix Dance Theatre with Sustrans, national cycling charity, as a partner, and featuring amazing cyclists (and friendly officials - this is Yorkshire after all).  Epic!

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