Wednesday 6 March 2013

More Embroidered Jumpers

An over zealous title I'm afraid.  Really it should be "More Embroidered Jumper" but that sounds a bit funny.  Anyway this is just to let you know I've completed another jumper - this time with BOOM on the back.  And the jumper was green to start with!  I did wonder, when I was embroidering it, whether the black would run into the green in the wash.  But I didn't let that stop me.  And guess what - it did! 

However a couple of packets of Colour Run Remover and a couple of days later and the runs have gone.  The jumper is now yellow - a happy coincidence because I had wanted to use a yellow jumper in the first place - just couldn't find a suitable one.   So hurray for Colour Run Remover! But on a cautious note - you do have to be a bit careful when you use it.

If you like the scarf teamed with the jumper this is by York based textile artist Karen Mabon.  She does lots of great scarves which you can find at 

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