Tuesday 26 March 2013

Enjoying the Selvedge Spring Fair

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What an exciting time it was at the Selvedge Spring Fair! I had a very early start on Friday travelling down by train to London.  

I managed to get everything in a couple of suitcases and even managed to negotiate the tube and the local buses to arrive in time to set up my space and be open for business at 11am.   

Marea Mermaid Brooch by Hippystitch

Liberty Necklaces by Hippystitch

Selvedge Spring Fair

Friday was very busy all day with just a short break before the evening reception kicked off with glasses of fizz and (more) goody bags for the visitors.  Family and friends joined the throng to say hello.  It was all very jolly.

Selvedge Spring Fair

Saturday brought horrendous weather - snow, hail and wind so we say thank you to all those brave souls who turned out to join us and made the day a success.  

Hand Made Food at Selvedge Spring Fair

There were delicious morsels to sustain us over both days and fab coffee.

Altogether it was great fun & I met lots of interesting people.  I can't name them all but do take a look at these folk:

Becky Adams
Hen's Teeth Art
Jess Quinn
Sam Pickard
Rob Ryan
Clare Beaton

I also had some great help - so thank you very much to...

To check out all the exhibitors:

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