Saturday 18 March 2023

Creature Comforts at JGM Gallery, London

Woojin Joo - Re-New

Way back in December 2022 I went to the JGM Gallery in Battersea, London to see the Creature Comforts exhibition.  This was a textile exhibition exploring the multifaceted aspects of textiles - comfort, chaos and conflict.  It was great and here are my highlights...

Woojin Joo - Glove Dokkaebi

Woojin Joo's work is inflenced by the East Asian culture she grew up in. Her pieces were unusual and fascinating using lots or free machine embroidery.  Her Glove Dokkaebi was a creature made from a lost glove. Dokkaebi are Korean mythological creatures like a kind of goblin. It is believed they are formed by the spiritual possession of an inanimate object like a lost glove.  They are thought to be able to interact with humans to play tricks on them or to help them.  

Woojin Joo - Ten Symbols of Longevity (detail)

Freddie Robbins had both machine knitted and hand knitted pieces.  I liked how the handknitted word "courage" cast its shadows...

Freddie Robbins - Be Afraid

Freddie Robbins - Courage

I loved the bright colours and graphic style of Martin Maloney's embroidered piece. This was embroidered in Afghanistan using one of Martin's collages as the design...

Martin Maloney - Red Velvet (detail)

Molly Kent's weaving had a dramatic quality...

Molly Kent - Stuck in Limbo


Alice Kettle's distinctive style of hand and machine stitch was in evidence here...

Alice Kettle - Lady With A Bowl

The exhibition closed in January but you can get a flavour of it here.

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