Sunday 29 May 2022

Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery & Rana Begum - London

Rana Begum - No. 1081 Mesh

Pitzhanger Manor in Ealing, London, was designed & built by architect, John Soane (1753-1837) between 1800 and 1804 as his country home.  Soane's fame became established following his appointment as architect to to the Bank of England in 1788. He was very inventive and  known for his clever use of light in the buildings he designed - rooflights, conservatories, coloured glass, mirrors and reflections were all tools of his trade and are in evidence at Pitzhanger.  

John Soane's Pitzhanger Manor - Rear Conservatory View

Pitzhanger Manor - Coloured Glass

Rana Begum's exhibition "Dappled Light" can be found in the gallery, grounds and manor.  Begum is a London based artist who came to the UK from Pakistan, aged 8. Her inspiration comes from the urban landscape, nature, and the geometric patterns of traditional Islamic art and architecture. She allows us to explores our sense and experience of light through her work.  Soane & Begum therefore seem like a good pairing.

Rana Begum - No. 1081 Mesh (detail)

No 1081 Mesh looks like light, air filled net parcels but they are in fact made from powder coated galvanised steel and so are quite firm and rigid.

Rana Begum  - No. 1086 Tiles (detail)
Paint on mirror finish stainless steel

There were lots of reflections in her No. 1086 Tiles exhibit and lots of reflectors in No.863 L Reflector...

Rana Begum - No. 863 L Reflector

I liked the texture of her No.1082 Folded Grid piece...

Rana Begum - No. 1082 Folded Grid
Spray paint on Jesmonite

In the gallery entrance was a mark making extravaganza of inked thumb prints created in collaboration with young artists from Bollo Studios...

Rana Begum - No 1126 Wall Drawing
Ink thumb prints

In the Manor the stairwell was flooded with light which made Begum's colourful net installation look great...

Rana Begum - No. 1127 Net
Spray painted fishing net

Rana Begum - No. 1127 Net
Spray painted fishing net

And in the garden, some coloured glass panels brightened up a grey day...

Rana Begum - No 814
Coloured Glass Panels

There's more to see and it's worth a visit for the Manor which also has some impressive ceilings and decor, all newly restored...

Pitzhanger Manor interior

and the gallery for its exhibition space and small shop.  Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery are located in Walpole Park which is a pleasant green space and there is a lovely cafe, Soane's Kitchen, in the walled garden there too.  Rana Begum's exhibition "Dappled Light" is on until September 2022.

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