Sunday 28 June 2020

Loss, Rediscovery & Rearrangement - Romilly Saumarez Smith at the Harley Gallery

Squashed Coral Thimble - Romilly Saumarez Smith

This time last year (May 2019) the Harley Gallery, which is on the Welbeck Estate near Worksop, held an exhibtion - Loss, Rediscovery & Rearrangement by Romilly Saumarez Smith.

Pilgrim's Mirror Case With Whisk - Romilly Saumarez Smith

The exhibition title refers to jewellery and boxes Romilly Saumarez Smith has made from metal detecting finds that have lain beneath the ground for hundreds of years.  She envisages a new future for these pieces and because a neurological disorder means she can no longer do it herself, this vision is then brought to fruition by her asssistants - Lucie Gledhill, Anna Wales and Laura Ngyou.

Tree Handles - Calligraphic Tree - Romilly Saumarez Smith

These days, Saumarez Smith scours Ebay for her finds - medieval pins, Anglo-Saxon nails, watch winders, thimbles - and transforms them into contemporary treasure.

Tree Handles - Helianthus Tree - Romilly Saumarez Smith

I thought these pieces were exquisite.  It was by chance I came across the exhibition and I'm so glad I did!

Saumarez Smith was a Woman's Hour Craft Prize finalist in 2017.  You can hear her talking about her work here.

And just a word about the Harley Gallery which is not to be missed if you are in the neighbourhood.  It has interesting exhibitions, a good shop and there are places to grab a bite nearby.  Do go if you can - it is re-opening on the 1 August 2020!

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