Monday 21 May 2018

Stitched Postcard Workshop at Olive's Nest, York - May 2018

All set up and ready to go

My second Stitched Postcard Workshop at Olive's Nest took place on Saturday.  After the excitement of the Royal Wedding, we had a very peaceful afternoon stitching...

Lara busy stitching

Vanessa measuring up
Mary-Ann stitching away

Everyone's birds were looking lovely...

Lara's postcard is almost finished

Mary-Ann's lovely bird is progressing nicely

Vanessa's postcard nearly complete

Vanessa finished hers off at home straight away and here's what it looks like all finished...

Vanessa's postcard - all ready to send!

Thanks to everyone for coming and to Gaynor at Olive's Nest for making us welcome.  Take a look at the other workshops available at Olives Nest here.

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