Monday 9 October 2017

Wandering - Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk

Aaron Kuiper - Terra Flora (Oil Paint in Hydrogel)

You only have till 11 November to catch this exhibition at Chapel Gallery in Ormskirk so you'd better get your skates on!  It's an exhibition by 10 artists, fascinated by the natural environment.  

I was fascinated by Aaron Kuiper's 3D sculptural oil paintings in hydrogel.  Like mini ecosystems with lots of trees, water and rocks, they are quite amazing. Kuiper uses syringes instead of brushes to leave the pigment in the gel.

Julie James-Turner uses Victorian style nightwear to evoke fairy tale forests and gothic notions of death and dreaming...

Julie James-Turner - The Botanist's Sleepwalk

Fab prints of familiar places...

Anthony Ratcliffe - North Sea Holes (Woodcut Print)

Amazing glasswork...

Helen Slater - Evening Pathway (Cast Glass)

I thought this was a photograph at first...

Maggie Hargreaves - Sprouting (Charcoal on Paper)

Looks like the reflections of trees in puddles...

Katie Lenegan - Wild Garden Series - The Waves (Oil on Canvas)

and there's lots more.  Do take a look if you can.

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