Sunday 13 November 2016

Tom of Holland at Hope & Elvis

It's always a joy to go to Hope & Elvis.  Before your workshop begins there are so many interesting things to look at...

Beautiful boats
Captivating cardi

...and then you get to learn something new.  This workshop was taken by Tom of Holland, (though currently living in Brighton), who is a staunch advocate of visible mending.  Tom provides mending inspiration and skills to help curb the trend towards throwaway fashion.  Tom wants you to keep your favourite garment and enhance it with visible mends, wearing them like a "badge of honour".
Tom of Holland

Our workshop concentrated on repairing woven materials but the day before they were working on woollen items. It was great to see some of those examples too...

These would brighten up a boring jumper
Repairing all those holes has added a new dimension to this jumper

Moving onto the woven fabrics, Tom had some beautifully repaired tea towels...

Beautifully patched tea towels

There were some interesting books and equipment to browse through too...

Lots of "Make do & Mend" ideas
Advice from the 1950s - I've often found I'm fearful of that visitor that might find me not neatly put together!

And then we were ready to go...

I choose to do my stitching in orange so it was easy to see the good & the bad!
Tips for neatness when oversewing - fold those edges together

So what did we attempt?  Napery hem, fell stitch or running hem, slip stitch, herringbone, flannel patch, a hemmed patch & a hand stitched buttonhole

Finished samples, stitching in orange, basting in pink

I rather like the coloured stitching - even the basting, which I haven't taken out so I know where it goes for future reference!

I was happy with my first attempts though I shall need to practise those buttonholes!  Thanks, Tom!

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