Friday 10 June 2016

Fantasy Fish swim in to Increase the Shoal!

Fantasy Fish from Sew Chatty - thanks to Fiona & the team!
Here is a quick flick through all the fab #fantasyfish that have swum in to #increasetheshoal in the last week or so.  Hope I've got all the attributions right but if I've got it wrong, many apologies.  So here's a massive thank you to everyone who has sent in their makes for the Fantasy Fish Yarnstorm for Rowntree Park, York - they're awesome!

Sarah's stitched fantasy fish
Kate's fab fish

Starfish from Sam & Helen & fantasy fish from Florence, Kit & Cecily
Colourful fish from Mags & crochet creatures from Mink
Noah & Nelly from Liz
Judith's colourful creatures
Elvis & Lionel Lumpfish from Caroline
Pauline & Christine's fab fish
Tina's knitted & stitched lovelies

A great catch from the Good Humour Ladies Club - thanks to Vanessa & all the ladies!
Clare's cute crochet shoal

A mix of fish & starfish but I don't know who made those fantastic creations!
You can read more about the Fantasy Fish Yarnstorm hereAnd the deadline hasn't yet passed - get your Fantasy Fish to Rowntree Park Cafe today!  We can't wait to see them all.  

York Press - Tuesday 7 June 2016
And guess what - the Fantasy Fish project was featured in the York Press this week.  You can catch up with the article here.  Thanks to Maxine Gordon for featuring us!

The fish/creature count has currently reached exactly 300 and that's not including pompoms and plant life! 

The Fantasy Fish Project is sponsored by the Friends of Rowntree Park and has been supported by Hobbycraft, York, Knit & Stitch, York and York School of Sewing.

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  1. Brilliant! Well done Sally Stone for pulling this together. They make me smile such a lot and hopefully the joy will spread to everyone who sees the installation. I am really impressed with what you are doing and thank you for casting you net so wide.