Thursday 11 February 2016

Wonderful visible mending & how to rejuvenate an old coat

The problem

I'm beginning to enjoy visible mending - it's colourful (or can be) and you don't have to be too careful and you can use what's to hand.  So here's the problem - I've got this coat and it's got a ripped lining.  Now you can't see the ripped lining when I'm wearing it but it's a bit of a mess and I know it's there so I want to repair it.

The Coat

Here's the plan.  I've got lots of Liberty fabric scraps - largely from the fabric necklaces I make - so I thought I'd make an interesting patch from a variety of pieces.  This could then be used to cover the ripped part of the lining.  I didn't have to undo much of the lining (just a little on the side seam) then I was able to hand sew my patch in place and stitch the side seam back up.  Was it successful?  Well here's what it looks like ...

Liberty print repair

I think it's a big improvement - you can let me know what you think ...