Saturday 28 November 2015

Textile Gallery at the Harrogate Knitting & Stitching Show 2015 - Part 1

Sandi Sexton - Collo Libro

I really liked the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland - Entwined Memories exhibition in the Textile Gallery.  The description of the exhibition stated that "Entwined Memories evokes a myriad of responses and inspirations from distant memories, nostalgic tales and stories of life; revealing fragments of time interwoven into a collection of lasting impressions and reflections on the past ..."

Here are a some of my favourites... 

Lesley Stothers - Composing a life
Liz Sheridan - Enduring magic
Marika O'Sullivan - Dream, listen, love
Rose Mary Cullen - Dress code
Anne Harte - Memory boxes
Anne Kiely

I also really enjoyed Stella Harding's exhibition - Second Nature.  Stella weaves complex and abstract structures using both natural and discarded manufactured material in her work.  She uses 3D construction techniques from basketry and juxtaposes the natural with the urban.

Stella Harding
Stella Harding - Crucible 1
Stella Harding - Flow

Stella Harding - Another Star
Stella Harding

The New Zealand Contemporary Textiles exhibition also had some interesting pieces.  Clare Smith's piece was inspired by pictures from Google Earth of dye from a denim jeans factory in China pouring into a river.

Clare Smith - Watermark
Joyce Stalker - Heartfelt: Excerpts from the publications of a washed up feminist academic

Here Joyce Stalker uses excerpts from publications printed onto tea towels (reinforcing the concept of "washed up") to offer us a glimpse of her academic career.
Joyce Stalker - Heartfelt: Excerpts from the publications of a washed up feminist academic
Leah Wald - Doily Series: Legal Alien
Sherril Jennings - Connections (detail)

Sandra Hall - La Fileuse -The Spinner

La Fileuse is the pianola roll into which Sandra Hall has added her stitching, knitting and weaving.

The Knitting & Stitching Show is still on in Harrogate today and tomorrow - go see!


  1. Really good images - thanks so much for including my work in your post

    1. Pleased to do so - I really liked your work