Friday 14 November 2014

Man Meets the Sea in Esbjerg, Denmark


A popular landmark in Esbjerg is Mennesket ved Havet (Man Meets the Sea).  Created by Svend Wigg Hansen to celebrate Esbjerg's centennial and unveiled in 1995, these four striking white figures tower 9 metres high.  Fortunately I had a blue sky day (at least partially) to see them.  They are simple figures symbolising the meeting of an innocent mankind with nature.  Reminiscent of the Easter Island figures and white marble Cycladic sculptures they make a good place for kids to let off steam.

Mennesket ved Havet - Man Meets the Sea

You can sit on their feet or the plinth, hide behind their legs and then because they are right by the beach do a little beachcombing.  There is a small car park and it's just opposite the Fisheries and Maritime Museum (Fiskeri-og Sofartsmuseet).  Well worth a visit!

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