Tuesday 7 October 2014

Renzo Piano Building Workshop & Central St Giles

Window detail

Intrigued by the colourfulness (& I love colour) of Renzo Piano Building Workshop's Central St Giles I thought I should go and take a look in person.  Just near Covent Garden, you need a blue sky day to see it at it's best (which I didn't have).  So here's what I saw on a typical grey London day ...

the courtyard

The development is made up of offices (38 000 sq m) and apartments (109 - market value & affordable).  Google has lots of offices here.  The ground floor has several restaurants.  The internal courtyard which is accessible from various points around the development is mostly grey.  There are a couple of sculptures at the entry points on St Giles High St. 

The exterior facades are colourful.  From the street these coloured exteriors looked like they might be made out of plastic but are in fact glazed ceramic tiles.  Haven't decided whether I like this development or not - take a look and see what you think.

You can read more about Renzo Piano Building Workshop & Central St Giles here.

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