Monday 30 June 2014

What's the Knit a Bike Installation made of?

The Knit a Bike Installation in Rowntree Park

Sugar & spice and all things nice - no, nothing like that - well, maybe the all things nice bit!  The other day, I was writing a letter detailing what went into the Knit a Bike Installation & afterwards, I thought other people might like to know too.  So here goes:

The mini jersey bunting:
79 mini tour jerseys
37 metres of knitted bunting cord 

The big jerseys:
4 large tour jerseys made from 4 wool blankets cut up into yarn
20 red felt polka dots stitched in place

The writing:
13 metres of finger knitting

The bike:
12 metres of arm knitting
10 metres of finger knitting
1.9 metres of crochet 

Not to mention:
3 decorated wheels
54 pompoms
1 information sign

All made by lots of lovely people :

at two workshops
84 person hours

and the Fairfax Court Yarnbombers
100 person hours

And that doesn't include all the additional time people spent at home making things for us.  

And finally:
Time Taken to Put up the Installation
18 person hours

So once again thanks to everyone who helped to #bepartofit!  And thanks to the Friends of Rowntree Park for sponsoring us and to Rowntree Park Reading Cafe and Your Bike Shed Bicycle Cafe for letting us hold out workshops there.

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