Thursday 16 January 2014

Another "How to make ..." - Paper Decorations - Valentine's Day 3D Hearts & More

Those of you that have visited the "How to make ..." page on my blog will know that there have long been instructions on how to make pompoms.  You'll be pleased to know that I've recently added another quick make in time for Valentine's Day in the form of some upcycled 3D paper heart decorations.  They can of course be used for other occasions and can be easily adapted for more general use.  I did make some round ones in time for Christmas - and made some map based ones for the Geographers I sometimes hang out with, and one for a Iorek Burnison fan (featuring Svalbard of course!). You can string them together to make bauble bunting - great for any celebration.

Paper Bauble Bunting

Hope you like them - have a go it won't take long and it could use up some of your recycling waste!  The link is here:

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