Sunday 14 April 2013

People & Places - New Range of Brooches & Rings Now Available on Folksy

Last year I went to Iceland - you may have seen my blog about it: 

People & Places Brooch & Vintage Map Pouch
It was a fabulous trip.  And with it's faults, volcanoes and plate boundaries (getting a bit more technical here!) it rekindled my love of geography.  That inspired me to get thinking about maps and then the people who inhabit those places and the things they do.  Inspiration for my new people & places range was born!

So - I have now finished planning & testing and have a new set of people & places brooches and rings - you won't find any two the same!  They had their first outing at the Selvedge Spring Fair in Chelsea where they excited alot of interest and there are now some available in my Folksy shop. 

People & Places Brooch - Lady Shopping in Whitby

They involve a certain amount of recycling and upcycling as they use vintage maps and in the case of the brooches, bottle tops.  Each item comes in it's own vintage map pouch.  Usually the pouch relates to the same general area as the map included in the brooch or ring. 

Vintage Map Pouch for People & Places Brooch
Some of the maps needed patching as they were quite old and worn.  But this provided another possibility - adding a different geography to a place.  Suddenly an area of heath might appear in a forest - and I liked that idea.  So some of the map pouches are patched.

People & Places Ring

The rings have people in too - often seated - it gets very wearing standing up all the time - especially if you're chatting to a friend or reading the paper!


Pop over to Folksy and take a look!

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